Saturday, December 4, 2010

Wheels, pedals and casters - snap

Leaving the house on Thursday morning and I notice some people walking with a stroller.  The stroller gets caught on a crack in the sidewalk and the right front wheel bends and breaks - snap.  Lots of head scratching and I leave them to tackle their morning mishap.

As I was driving home after a meeting in Scarborough I was coming down Yonge Street off the 401 and was carefully overtaking a cyclist squeezed between the parked cars and my inside lane.  Snap - he breaks his left pedal off the crankarm.

The next day I'm at a customer's office and grab a chair in one of the cubes and one of its casters is snapped off.


Thursday, December 2, 2010


I had a business lunch with a customer and my colleague made reference to a senior executive at one of our other customers.  The name was Morteza, I've heard the name before, but I've never been sure whether it's a first name or last name or whether it is a man or a woman.

In the evening I was at The Hangar for my ultimate game and walked in the washroom and there was a large soccer player at the urinal and the name on the back of his shirt was Morteza.

I'm pretty sure they're not the same person.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


It was another cold, wet and windy day in Toronto and I thought some hearty phở soup would fit the bill for lunch.  I didn't actually know what exactly what pho was, but I'd seen it on lots of menus and knew it was a form of Asian noodle soup.  I did a little research looking for local best bets, and also found out that this Vietnamese dish is pronounced more like "fuh" than "fo".

I didn't find one of the top restaurant choices nearby, so I hoped in the elevator and planning to walk East along Dundas Street toward Chinatown until I found a spot that looked good and I could read the menu.

There are a few other people behind me in the elevator and I overheard one the ladies say she knows a great pho place and she heard from someone its wasn't pronounced "fuh" but "fo".  I didn't get in a debate about the pronunciation, but I did ask her the name of the restaurant - Asian Bowl on Yonge opposite the Eaton Centre Roots store.  I ordered the beef pho and a veggie spring roll - lovely stuff; very rich soup broth and tender beef and all for a decent price.