Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pi and Einstein

I'm a mathy and I almost missed the geeky numerical date alignment of March 14th with Pi (3.14...).  Thank you to an old math friend from The University of Waterloo who posted this fun fact on Facebook.  On the 14th, my wife told me that Albert Einstein's birthday was March 14th which I hadn't heard before.  In the evening, my daughter and I watched a family movie called Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium.  In a later scene, Jason Bateman's dry accountant character begins to feel the magic of the emporium and picks up an Einstein doll who appears to be talking to him.  Nice geek coincidence.


My son is currently in France on a two week student exchange.  As expected, news from my son is rather brief, however my wife and the mother of the French host student have been exchanging quite a few emails.  We've learnt that she is originally from a small nation called Andorra.  I'd think I'd heard of Andora previously, but not this small nation in the Pyrenees. 

The day I heard about this, I was working on a crossword puzzle and the clue for 4 down was Pyrenees nation.

The scarcity of water

I took my daughter to the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) during March Break and spent some time at the Water exhibit.  We both learnt a lot about the scarcity and value of fresh water to our lives and planet.  The timing of this exhibit seemed tragically coincidental with the recent tsunami disaster in Japan.

After the ROM, we had a nice lunch then went to see the new animated movie, Rango.  I didn't know much about this movie, except its Western theme and Johnny Depp lead voice.  It turned out the primary plot of the movie was to do with the depleting water supply for a desert town.  There was even underground shot of an aquifer, which I knew much more about after visiting the ROM's Water exhibit.