Friday, February 25, 2011

Wall of Death

I was talking about the stunt show called Wall of Death during a family visit to Windsor last weekend.

I picked up Q magazine today with [ex-Oasis front man] Liam Gallagher's mug on the front cover.  He's formed a new band called Beady Eye and the first release is called Roller.  The video includes the Wall of Death.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Santa Monica Blvd.

I was in Santa Monica for our sales conference this week.  Mostly business, but I managed to see a some of the city with a little walkabout with work colleagues Thursday night, incl. Santa Monica Blvd.  On the flight home I was reading a novel called The Lock Artist and the main character was on Santa Monica Blvd.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Neighbourhood limo riders

I arrived home this evening from a business trip to California.  Lots of lineups, including a chilly 10 mins waiting for a limo ride home.  When it was close to my turn, I made eye contact with the gentleman behind me in line and we exchanged a few words.  Turns out he lives about 2 blocks from my house.

Girls on motorcycles

I just flew back home from Los Angeles and on the flight I read a few chapters of a book and caught a movie.  I'm currently reading a novel called The Lock Artist and in the chapter I was reading today, the main character whisks away his 17 year old girlfriend on the back of his motorcycle.  I also watched The Kids Are All Right and there's a scene where Ruffalo's character takes his 18 year old daughter for a ride on the back of his motorcycle.