Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Dreamed about skiing in Whistler last night.  Familiar dream about trying to get a few more runs in before the vacation ends.

First commercial I saw on TV this morning (sports station) was one for Whistler.  I miss my yearly Whistler trips !

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Shoot to Thrill

Heading out for my evening dog walk and slip on my iPod.  I'd been napping on the couch, so I selected my upbeat tracks for the walk, hoping the cold air and music would wake me up a little for my late ultimate game.  My mind wanders to movies and remembers that I need to rent Ironman 2.  I believe AC/DC features pretty prominently on the soundtrack and I'm pretty sure one of my favourite AC/DC tracks, Shoot to Thrill is used on the trailer.  I've often thought the lyrics were a little too risqué so I was a little surprised the used it for the soundtrack.  I don't recall if I have any AC/DC on my iPod at the moment.  The first track of the playlist is over, I'm not in the mood for the second randomly selected upbeat track, so I skip to the next track - Shoot to Thrill.  Rock on.