Sunday, April 18, 2010


I recently heard  that my daughter's music teacher was nominated for a Juno award for Reggae Recording of the Year.  He was the instrumentalist for Carl Henry III.  He unfortunately lost the award to Dubmatix ft. Prince Blanco.  I immediately recognized the name Prince Blanco as I met him a few years ago as he was singing with a local reggae band called the Liquidaires with a ultimate [frisbee] friend of mine on bass.    I went to the gig with another ultimate friend and had a great night.  On a related note, I was really pleased to see that a couple of other friends I met playing ultimate, Sam Dunn and Scot McFadyen won a Juno for DVD of the year.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I came home from my ultimate game tonight just in time to see the last 13 seconds of the NCAA Final Four Championship game.  Duke won by a couple of points.  Before bed, I then sit down to ice my ankle and I pick up What the Dog Saw to continue with a chapter I was reading a few days before.  After a few pages I read that one of people Gladwell is talking about went to law school at Duke.


I had my Flickr slideshow set (698 items, 16 of which are U2) displaying on our TV in the kitchen earlier this evening and of course at the same time I glance a shot of U2, U2 starts playing from our main iTunes playlist (1179 tracks, 21 of which are U2).  Just a little coincidence, but I thought it was wroth recording since I was talking about concert DVD's with my brother-in-law earlier in the day and said U2's DVD's are excellent.